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This Bluehost review site is hosted. We have written hundred of web hosting review articles which including feature overview and hardware software information. We have conducted server speed check and uptime tracking. We are evaluating their customer service quality too. All these are unbiased reviews and fully based on our true experience. We also accept customer reviews and feedback from users around the world. Submit your review today and get rewarded. And before you signup, please check on our coupons collection and it will give you some discount price for sure.

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Bluehost review on all products. They were founded in year 2003 and until now has powered over two million websites. We signup with this unlimited hosting plan back in year 2007 and continue using it until now. Back in the days, they only have one shared hosting plan and nothing else. Right now, they are rapidly expanding their product range and offer more options.

  • Shared hosting from $3.95
    it is an unlimited domain hosting plan and includes cPanel with Simplescripts. This plan is with unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth. It is recommended for majority webmasters.
  • WordPress hosting from $12.49
    it is optimized for WordPress blog and performs the best for blogging site. Your high traffic website can perform the best in here.
  • Reseller plan from $19.95
    currently there are three configurations available. It allows user to create own brand name and make 100% profit.
  • VPS from $29.99
    there are four VPS configurations available. This virtual private server uses cloud technology and provides better flexibility and performance.
  • Dedicated server from $149.99
    there are three server configurations available. First month offer price is 50% off and user can get a half price trial access to these servers.

Bluehost review on shared hosting service. This is a company that hosts websites for businesses all around the world. The company makes use of open source technology as well as cloud service technology. Located in Utah, USA, the company allows your business to enjoy advanced online features and services from anywhere in the world.

Generally, there are two types of website hosting. These are dedicated server and shared service. Shared service is where many websites are hosted on the same server. On the other hand, dedicated server is where each website is hosted on its own server. There are many advantages of hosting your website here. One of these is lower price and affordability. Moreover, you can enjoy a collection of unique features and reliability. Following are the all three shared service plans being offered.

Bluehost review on starter plan. This is the most basic of all shared hosting plans that they have to offer. In this plan, you can host a maximum of 1 website. Moreover, you can enjoy 100 gigabytes of storage space. In addition to that, the bandwidth for your website is infinite. This means that you can stream any amount of data from your website. In this plan, you can park a maximum of 5 domains in your website. Moreover, you can also park 25 sub domains as well. Create up to 100 email accounts and each has a storage space of 500 megabytes. In this plan, there is $50 worth of marketing offers included. The starter plan costs only $3.95 per month and recommended for first time customer.

Starter Plan

Bluehost review on plus plan. This is the most popular plan they have to offer. In this plan, you can enjoy features such as hosting an unlimited number of websites. This is great for an online franchise. In addition to this, you can enjoy infinite domain or website, storage space and bandwidth in this plan. You also have an unlimited number of sub domains. This plan is great for fast growing online franchises. In addition to these features, you can enjoy a worldwide content delivery network. It allows super high connectivity for visitors to your website no matter where they are in the world. This is ideal for growing online franchises and costs $6.95 monthly.

Plus Plan

Bluehost review on business pro plan. This plan is the best for businesses that operate online. In this plan, you can enjoy infinite features. Host unlimited websites and enjoy unlimited website space. This plan gives you the highest dollar amount of marketing offers. It includes free dedicated IP address, domain privacy, and 1 secure socket layer certificate too. It uses higher performance server and come with site backup pro service. This plan is recommended for online business and corporate website.

Business Plan

Bluehost review on WordPress hosting. Now they have more than just shared hosting. They have specific WordPress optimized plan for your WordPress blog. And they have much improved VPS plan and dedicated server for large website. For this unlimited domain, we have the choice to setup any open-source CMS application at no extra cost. For our review, we have setup a few popular application here and provide a real life demo site.

Bluehost review on features and specification. The unlimited domain plan is all you need. When choosing your first web hosting plan and try to put up your first website online can be really confusing. However, there is one web hosting company that keep enhancing their products and introducing even better startup program for webmaster. They are making thing simple and not by making it even more complicated. Some web host offers you 5 to 10 products to choose from, for beginners this are a tough choice. At here, they only recommend 1 shared hosting plan. And this single package is all you ever need to start creating first website, publish it online, doing marketing campaign, add more websites etc. Everything can be done in here, and this is what their unlimited hosting plan all about. Here are the things you need to know

  • Plan start from $3.95 per month only.
  • It allows unlimited domains, disk storage and bandwidth usage.
  • It comes with free cPanel control panel.
  • Create website quickly with Simplescripts 1-click installer and website builder tools.
  • One free domain name.
  • $200 in free marketing credits and coupons.

All you are paying is monthly fees and it allows you to host multiple websites at no extra cost. We have few websites in one account, and we get to use their 1-click installer tool to setup site via open-source scripts or we can choose to use website building tool to create site from bottom up. When the new site is ready, we can use the free advertising coupon to start buying ads placement and bring in real customer to the new website. This is a complete solution from beginning to the end. If you are really required some tutorial or education to get started, we are recommend their latest quick start program. By attending their online tutorial, you can learn all the basic about website, domains, hosting and creating website etc. Get this quick start program at discount price at our coupon page.

Bluehost review on addon products. The pro package has about 80% less web accounts per server, which allows the users to utilize more resources per account. It offers more speed, less users and more power. You can get more memory, CPU and other for $24.99 a month. Other than that, they are offering a lot more web hosting products and services

  • Additional domain names at $14.99 a year of registration.
  • Spamexperts mail filtering at $2.50 a month.
  • SSL certificates price at $49.00 a year.
  • Sitelock security at $19.99 a year.
  • Domain privacy at $10.99 a year.
  • Dedicated IP address at $3.33 a month.
  • Site backup and restore pro service at $19.99 a year.
  • Expired account reactivation at $30.00 one time cost.

Bluehost review on reliability and quality. The service commits an average uptime of 99.9% in practice primarily by using their self managed data centers and customized Linux kernel. This facilitates better running of the shared web hosting business. Moreover, the Linux platform facilitates segregation of the CPU, memory and disk storage used by all clients on one main server. Therefore, users don’t need to worry about their system resources getting stolen or their website data being leaked in a shared service environment.

On the other hand, their data centers mainly use four separate fiber lines that are brought into the building through two different entrances with access to all the major transit providers. The servers and centers are also under the close monitoring of qualified technicians in order to ensure that any sudden and unpredictable interruptions can be identified and resolved immediately.

Bluehost review on money back guarantee. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The cancellation policy mainly consists of 3 main critical periods including cancellation of hosting services within three days, cancellation within thirty days and cancellation of the services after thirty days.

The US based technical support is offered through several channels including; live chat support, toll free phone call support, email support. The hardworking and understanding support team is available 24 hours every day, seven days per week all year round in order to provide the technical assistance you may need.

Bluehost user reviews and feedback. Following are some of the customer testimonial and honest feedback. We have verified their domain is currently hosted with this company. Here is what they want to say:

Bluehost review from Junhak, “It’s been almost two years since I have been using this. It was great the initial monthly rate. I am sorry I cannot get that rate anymore for the renewal. I should have selected 3 years then 2 years. I am going to extend my service.”

Bluehost review from Ashroff, “My account was suspended last week due to charge back. I contacted the customer support regarding this problem and they assisted me as valued customer and the reinstate my account within 10 minutes. I recommend them as a valued and trusted hosting service provider in the world.”

Bluehost review from Mayank, “There is no problem with my account till now. The service is good and up to the mark. In future also I will purchase their shared hosting plan. I will surely recommend all to buy shared hosting from them. The server uptime guarantee is also commendable. I must thank them as it helped me to get successful online business.”

Bluehost review from Kyle, “I really enjoy all that they have to offer. They are not only has excellent up time, but the fact that they offer what is basically unlimited everything just blows my mind. Technical support is great and so is their pricing. It would highly recommend this to anyone, and I already have several domains and accounts with them.”

Bluehost review from Kaushal, “I have been using this shared hosting for almost three years. Their support is excellent and whenever I got some problem with my hosted websites I got an instantaneous help from them. I must rate them a very highly and will always recommend it to my clients.”

Bluehost review from Infas, “This is a top rated web hosting provider for affordable price with discounts. Very fast service and 100% satisfied customer service. Overall I rate them a 9.5/10.”

Bluehost review from Nagarathinam, “I’ve been using this for the past 2 years and it is time that I have decided to continue using this for my future hosting as well. Excellent for my purpose of usage, which has been both educational and business oriented.”

Bluehost review from Ed, “It’s great. I’m a web developer and have all of my domains hosted here. I’m on using this for half and almost 6 months now and no problems so far and you can say I had something like 95% uptime. The unlimited thing is serving me well. It costs less and it saved me a lot of money. My only complain was with the SVN setup otherwise i think I’m satisfied with this thingy.”

Bluehost review from Thanh, “I have been a customer for five years and now currently hosting ten domains on one account. All of my sites are running smoothly and with almost no problem. What I love the most is the reliability and performance, for that I don’t think of switching my websites to another host again. Simplescripts is so nice to work with, and without much technical skill you can control almost every aspects of your installation. Beside that, the ability to manage through SSH is a plus point, you can customize your website with much more powerful tool that can help you to operate effectively and exactly the way you want. I am thinking to upgrade my hosting account with their pro package with much more powerful and optimized system. I think my money can count on that.”

Bluehost review from Becky, “I read their ad on the landing page. If I opened a new account, the free web design and software would walk me thought it and I would have a working web site in 10 minutes. I can’t find anything to tell me how to set up that site. I tried chat and the responder gave me a link to some designs, but I couldn’t see anyway they were free. I’m pretty frustrated. I actually need this site live now. I’m a fairly adept person. Why not a tutorial that says set up your website?”

Bluehost review from Didwania, “I have had my business website with them for 10+ months. Few Days before I got a problem with Gmail apps on my domain. For five days I am searching on Internet for solving problem of Google apps but I didn’t get. Blue Host tech support is so much helpful that within half an hour they solved the problem and they taught me in such a way that I will never face this problem again in my life for any domain. Special thanks for that Scott C who helped me that day.”

Bluehost review from Ryan, “I’ve been with them for just a short time but my experience has been great. Everything is very easy to navigate. This is my first time building a website and I am glad with this. Thank you very much.”

Bluehost review from Seiyad, “I’m a web designer and developer, after many years of working with several different web hosting services, I found this about 3 months ago and haven’t ever wanted to leave. This is the great place to reliable hosting packages. And they have great customer support 24/. And they are very responsive and kind.”

Bluehost review from Ashroff, “This is the top rated hosting companies in the world. They offer 24/7 great customer service to their customers. I’ve been with this company for a few months and I have noticed that the customer service is great. They are very responsible and responsive. And they are selling hosting packages for reliable price.”

Bluehost review from Dalhinsce, “I have heard about a lot of different hosting company but this is the best one I have come across to, the customer service is great and with 24/7 customer service. Get answer ASAP. What more do I want.”

Bluehost review from Kenny, “Blue Host has been a stellar choice for web hosting solutions. I’ve found it to be rock solid, great uptime and outstanding on the customer support. The support of a file organization system means I will not have to hunt for files or settings. Everything is where you would expect to find it. The list of 3rd party software is extensive, including one click WordPress installs. I’ve recommended this service to clients for years.”

Bluehost review from Sumit, “This is an amazing hosting company in internet world. My company has used this for 6 months and we are really happy for the services they have provided us with. When I contacted customer service they were pretty helpful and patient they taught me how to transfer domain and lots of thing. My opinion to all my clients is to register domain and hosting with them.”

Bluehost review from Kozu, “Actually I feel like been cheated with their promotion of free $75 Adwords voucher at the FrontPage did not state that the voucher only for US or Canada resident. After register and want to redeem the voucher then I knew… that my review… Little bit down because other hosting also offers for the same free gift to all resident in the world… And also, when I want to verify my account it take long time to deal… the chat system no function very well… so that all my review.”

Bluehost review from Thomas, “The company deleted my domains without even telling me via email or phone call. I signed on 3 weeks later only to find out that the domains removed. I tried calling customer support and they could not give me a good reason for deleting the account. They responded that the website was requested to be deleted due to fraudulence but they did not give me any proof. How could it be fraudulent when they were able to accept my payment huh? Bullshit. The problem was they tried to detect false presence to the establishment of the account. I had used an overseas email account when I created the domains. The stupid company thought that the overseas email account was invalid. Then they requested my full license identification or passport and more personal information just to enable the account back on, which they had automatically deleted due to their false fraudulent detecting mechanism. I had enough. I wasn’t going to give out detailed personal information. On top of things, I had to go through hoops of people simply to find out that my domains were deleted without my knowledge and my permission.”

Blue Host review from Rahman, “I sign up a few years back, I really love the services and support. I am ruing almost 50 websites for Online Marketing. They have just made my life easy. Long live.”

Blue Host review from Ali, “This is a world famous web hosting service provider with excellent customer service. The hosting service is reliable and very easy to control the cPanel.”

Blue Host review from Vikas, “This is the best and cheap hosting services provider, I really appreciate you to use there service.”

Blue Host review from Yorn, “I start to buy my very first hosting at the end of 2010, I search for several hosting company, due to some advice from my local friend and also I see their price is affordable for me, and I decide to buy 1 year hosting from them. Until now, I running more than 10 domains with my single account, and I can tell you that I never have any problem with them. All in all, I recommend you to go with them, even if you know nothing about hosting and not a technical person, their staff are always online to help you.”

Blue Host review from Burke, “I’ve been with them for a couple of yrs now and while their prices have increases I have found their customer service and tech support to be phenomenal. Only once did a tech offer me advice that was a small disaster; really good people overall.”

Blue Host review from Vivek, “Blue Host is a very nice hosting site for having very chip web space hosting. First i like to thank for their team for helping a lot for uploading site and transferring host from Godaddy. We did live chat more than 5 times. We got good responses every time as well as it contains video tutorials for beginners. One good advantage is it support for SVN (Sub-versioning. We can configure this here. But one thing i want to tell is that it takes cost of 10$ for every type of domains which is one negative point.”

Blue Host review from Jane, “WordPress is a great blogging tool, and powerful too, thanks to a wide range of plugin. However, not all plugin play well together as I experienced the other day, when it caused a 500 server error on my blog. I first tried the usual Restore option from my cPanel, as I did make a backup a few days back. It didn’t work. Why? I then tried to edit my database tables and set active plugin to zero, which I hoped would enable me to remove the culprit from within my dashboard. It didn’t work and getting error 500. Hours had gone by and I was becoming desperate. Scouring the Internet for clues, and being absolutely clueless from looking at my error logs, I looked at my cPanel for the nth time and saw a new icon not seen before; Site backup and restore. Well, desperate times require desperate measures, so why not try it, so I clicked the “restore home directory”. Five seconds and I was back online. Ok, I had to recreate a couple of posts and such, but that feature really saved my day. I haven’t always been 100% satisfied; I have to be honest here, now I am.”

Blue Host review from Suman, “This is definitely the most popular web hosting companies. The price for the service is cheap; it offers a lot of features as well as great support. I have a few sites hosted with them (on the same account) and all are doing fine. Up time is always over 99.9% and I like their cPanel theme where you can manage everything at one place, without having to login to multiple accounts, one for web hosting and one for domain management.”

Blue Host review from Ashish, “I had bad experience with them. They do not offer unlimited FTP accounts. Customer services are not as good as expected. There are shady points in TOS (nothing too major, and clearly outlined), 3 month minimum contract length, pricing is relatively hard to find.”

Blue Host review from Leon, “Hello people, I’m using this services for 6 months. I can say that I’m happy to use their services, I’m happy because they are great. In these 6 months, I didn’t have problems, I had 100% uptime and my online business was OK. Thank you.”

Blue Host review from Robert Weinstein, “This was one of the most difficult companies in getting a refund from. Bottom line is I would not recommend them. They advertise on the home page that they offer hosting for $6.95 per month which I used or at least tried to use for my blog. What a totally painful experience. They say they offer an “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” and a low monthly cost but what you find is that they charge a minimum of one year in advance. While that would be fine if you can easily quit and get a refund what I found is that it took several emails and a demand that I provide them with information over and over and felt that the process was about stopping a customer from exercising a refund rather than any other purpose. When I start added the phpBB and phpfreechat only to find that having 20 people in the chat would crash the system and they would cut off service due to the “huge load” put upon it. I ended up paying for another chat system that was then hosted somewhere else. So much for trying to save any money. It took me a while as it was not a huge priority but I ended up moving to another host a couple of months ago and found that the costs are now lower and the service is better. Glad I moved as I can now do what I am paying to do. My request to cancel was made in October and by the time I was finally able to get them to refund my money in November they would only agree to refund based on the final date even though I had repeatedly advised them I wanted to quit and was no longer using their service. Do a favor if your looking for a hosting company and take a pass on this as the extra frustration is not going to be worth the little bit you may think your saving. Recording my trades here has been great and I highly recommend it for anyone. I think its important to look back and see what you were doing and why you did it and then compare that to what your doing now. I have really seen the progress in my trading when I take the time to go over the history. Anyway, I am glad I am no longer with them.”

Blue Host review from Makadho, “Over the past three months, they have a significant improvement. The previous habit of going on and off has ever since ceased. I host with them an online store where I sell downloadable and since October 2010, I have not received any complains. Before the I would receive at least two complains every day. Keep on improving.”

Blue Host review from Steven, “First, their product is great. It has unlimited domain hosting, unlimited hosting space, unlimited file transfer and more. The price is low but the product is so wonderful. When I login the cPanel, it seems that I have owned the server. It is very professional and with multiple functional. So I could all kinds of website on my account. The second thing makes me love them is their live chat. You know, many hosting sites have a help desk. You can search answer or submit a ticket at help desk. But their live chat is powerful. Whenever I have a question, I directly use live chat to chat with the staffs and get satisfied answers. So I don’t need to spend time searching answers or submitting a detailed long ticket to ask.”

Blue Host review from Steve, “They are so much like Dreamhost, but with the price slashed in half. Customer service is quick, and helped me with all the minor quirks I had. Their FTP and email is very fast, and the website speed is amazing. I signup for 2 years during the 3.95 promo deal, and I’ll live to love this host.”

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Bluehost review and coupon by Chester Patel

Blue Host is among the most reputable web hosting companies in the world. This hosting company was launched in 2003. They manage to attract very many customers every month of because of the low cost of its services. Using BlueHost coupon will further lower your hosting cost. Its headquarters are in Utah in the United States. This BlueHost review takes a look at the different aspect and in full details.

The cost

This BlueHost review begins by analyzing the prices. Their prices may be a bit higher than the prices of other web hosting services. However, you can get a discount by using BlueHost coupons. There are three shared hosting plans offered by them. They include the Starter plan, the Plus Plan and the Business Pro plan. The monthly fee when you decide to choose the starter plan is $3.95. The plus plan and the Business Pro plan cost $6.95 and $14.95 respectively. You will get a free domain when you choose any of the hosting packages. However, this domain is not free for life. You will start paying for it after 12 months. When you choose any of this shared hosting packages, your disk space and bandwidth will be unlimited.

Customer support

BlueHost provides excellent customer support via a number of channel. You can get the help you need from customer support through email, social mead sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and twitter, phone calls and live chat. You will be able to get immediate support when you call the customer care team or when you start a conversation through live chat. Your questions will also be answered in good time when you send an email or when you use the social media channels. You will always be able to get help when you run into problems while trying to manage or to customize your website.

Security features

This BlueHost review also takes a look at the security features. They use very strong security features. This hosting service is serious about keeping information safe. You don’t have to worry about your personal security or that sensitive information is going to get into the wrong hands when you are using different applications. Data is backed up is done on a daily basis to prevent accidental data loss. At a small fee, you can purchase an SSL certificate to further enhance your security. This is very important if you are planning to sell products or services online. The strong security features are meant to keep your data safe. The information of the people using your website will also be safe.

Free applications 

BlueHost provides many free applications to its customers. If you are planning to sell products or services online, you will definitely be happy to use a free shopping cart and ecommerce applications. These apps will help you set up your website and business within the shortest time possible at low costs. In addition to the applications meant for people who want to start eCommerce sites, they also provide popular apps like the Polls and surveys software and WordPress for free. All these apps are resources that you can use to set up your website with ease. You can be able to set up a functional website easily even if you have zero knowledge in web design.

Uptime and performance

A BlueHost review will not be comprehensive without talking about uptime and performance. Although they do not offer uptime guarantee, most customer do not complain about downtime. These is because their servers are always up and running. The servers have a very fast response time.

Control panel

BlueHost provides the cPanel control panels to all its customers. You will have everything you need to set up and run your site. You will be able to set up a website with multiple features with just few clicks.

The pros

  1. Cheap hosting solution
  2. Excellent customer support
  3. Free domain
  4. Feature packed hosting

The cons

  1. The website can confuse new customers
  2. Second year pricing not as appealing as first year pricing


Blue Host is no doubt one of the biggest players in the hosting industry. However, as earlier mentioned in this BlueHost review, you should be prepared to pay more in the second and subsequent years. Fortunately, there will always be a BlueHost coupon to help you reduce your hosting cost.

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