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Bluehost review: Introduction to is founded in year 2003 and until now has powered over two million websites. We signup with this unlimited hosting plan back in year 2007/2008 and continue using it until now. Back in the days, they only have one shared hosting plan and nothing else. Right now, they are rapidly expanding their product range and offer more options including:

  1. Shared hosting from $3.49/mo
    it is an unlimited domain hosting plan and includes cPanel with Simplescripts. This plan is with unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth. It is recommended for majority webmasters.
  2. WordPress hosting from $12.49/mo
    it is optimized for WordPress blog and performs the best for blogging site. Your high traffic WordPress site can perform the best in here.
  3. Reseller hosting from $19.95/mo
    currently there are three configurations available. It allows user to create own brand name and make 100% profit.
  4. VPS hosting from $29.99/mo
    there are four VPS configurations available. This virtual private server uses cloud technology and provides better flexibility and performance.
  5. Dedicated server from $149.99/mo
    there are three server configurations available. First month offer price is 50% off and user can get a half price trial access to these servers.

Bluehost review on shared hosting service is a company that hosts websites and web services for businesses all around the world. The company makes use of open source technology as well as cloud service technology. Located in Utah, USA, the company allows your business to enjoy advanced online features and services from anywhere in the world.

Generally, there are two types of website hosting. These are dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Shared hosting is where many websites are hosted on the same server. On the other hand, dedicated hosting is where each website is hosted on its own server. There are many advantages of hosting your website here. One of these is lower price and affordability. Moreover, you can enjoy a collection of unique features and reliability. Following are the all three shared hosting plan being offered.

1) Bluehost reviews on starter plan

This is the most basic of all shared hosting plans that they have to offer. In this plan, you can host a maximum of 1 website. Moreover, you can enjoy 100 gigabytes of storage space. In addition to that, the bandwidth for your website is infinite. This means that you can stream any amount of data from your website. In this plan, you can park a maximum of 5 domains in your website. Moreover, you can also park 25 sub domains as well. Create up to 100 email accounts and each has a storage space of 500 megabytes. In this plan, there is $50 worth of marketing offers included. The starter plan costs only $3.95 per month and recommended for first time customer.

Bluehost Starter Plan

2) Bluehost reviews on plus plan

This is the most popular shared hosting plan they have to offer. In this plan, you can enjoy features such as hosting an unlimited number of websites. This is great for an online franchise. In addition to this, you can enjoy infinite domain hosting, storage space and bandwidth in the Plus plan. You also have an unlimited number of sub domains. This plan is great for fast growing online franchises. In addition to these features, you can enjoy a worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN). It allows super high connectivity for visitors to your website no matter where they are in the world. The Plus plan is ideal for growing online franchises and costs $6.95 monthly.

Bluehost Plus Plan

3) Bluehost reviews on Business Pro

This plan is the best for businesses that operate online. In this plan, you can enjoy infinite features. Host unlimited websites and enjoy unlimited website space. This plan gives you the highest dollar amount of marketing offers. It includes free dedicated IP address, domain privacy, and 1 SSL certificate too. It uses higher performance server and come with site backup pro service. This plan is recommended for online business and corporate website.

Bluehost Business Plan

Is Bluehost recommended for open-source CMS websites?

Now they have more than just shared hosting. They have specific WordPress optimised hosting for your WordPress blog. And they have much improved VPS plan and dedicated server for large website. For this unlimited domain hosting, we have the choice to setup any open-source CMS application at no extra cost. For our review, we have setup a few popular CMS application here and provide a real life demo site. For blog, we have WordPress and for CMS we have Drupal and Joomla.

The unlimited domain hosting plan is all you need. When choosing your first web hosting plan and try to put up your first website online can be really confusing. However, there is one web hosting company that keep enhancing their products and introducing even better start-up program for webmaster. They are making thing simple and not by making it even more complicated. Some web host offers you 5 to 10 products to choose from, for beginners this are a tough choice. At here, they only recommend 1 shared hosting plan. And this single package is all you ever need to start creating first website, publish it online, doing marketing campaign, add more websites etc. Everything can be done in here, and this is what their unlimited hosting plan all about. Here are the things you need to know:

  1. Plan start from $3.95 per month only.
  2. It allows unlimited domains, disk storage and bandwidth usage.
  3. It comes with free cPanel control panel.
  4. Create website quickly with Simplescripts 1-click installer and website builder tools.
  5. One free domain name.
  6. $200 in free marketing credits and coupons.

All you are paying is monthly hosting fees and it allows you to host multiple websites at no extra cost. We have few websites in one account, and we get to use their 1-click installer tool to setup site via open-source scripts or we can choose to use website building tool to create site from bottom up. When the new site is ready, we can use the free advertising coupon to start buying ads placement and bring in real customer to the new website. This is a complete solution from beginning to the end. If you are really required some tutorial or education to get started, we are recommend their latest quick start program. By attending their online tutorial, you can learn all the basic about website, domains, hosting and creating website etc. Get this quick start program at discount price at our coupon page.

Bluehost review on add-on products and pricing

The Pro package has about 80% less web accounts per server, which allows the users to utilize more resources per account. It offers more speed, less users and more power. You can get more memory, CPU and other for $24.99 / month. Other than that, they are offering a lot more web hosting products and services as following:

  • Shared web hosting add-on.
  • Additional domain names at $14.99 a year of registration.
  • SpamExperts mail filtering at $2.50 a month.
  • SSL certificates price at $49.00 a year.
  • SiteLock security at $19.99 a year.
  • Domain privacy at $10.99 a year.
  • Dedicated IP address at $3.33 a month.
  • Site backup and restore pro service at $19.99 a year.
  • Expired account reactivation at $30.00 one time cost.

Bluehost reliability

The service commits an average uptime of 99.9% in practice primarily by using their self managed data centers and customized Linux kernel. This facilitates better running of the shared web hosting business. Moreover, the Linux platform facilitates segregation of the CPU, memory and Disk I/O used by all clients on one main server. Therefore, users don’t need to worry about their system resources getting stolen or their website data being leaked in a shared web hosting environment.

On the other hand, Bluehost data centers mainly use four separate fiber lines that are brought into the building through two different entrances with access to all the major transit/IP providers. The servers and centers are also under the close monitoring of qualified technicians in order to ensure that any sudden and unpredictable interruptions can be identified and resolved immediately.

Bluehost money back guarantee

Bluehost offers a 30 day money back guarantee. The cancellation policy mainly consists of 3 main critical periods including cancellation of hosting services within three days, cancellation within thirty days and cancellation of the services after thirty days.

Bluehost technical support

The US-based technical support is offered through several channels including; live chat support, toll free phone call support, email support. The hardworking and understanding support team is available 24 hours every day, seven days per week all year round in order to provide the technical assistance you may need.

Bluehost user reviews and feedback

Following are some of the Bluehost customer testimonial and honest feedback. We have verified their domain is currently hosted with Bluehost hosting service. Here is what they want to say: more

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Transfer website and domain to Bluehost hosting

Bluehost is a web hosting service that allows it users to host website at much faster speed than other hosting platforms. In order to enjoy the benefits of a number of features of Bluehost most of its users want Bluehost transfer their domain and websites. In this write-up brief information about creating account and transferring websites and domain to Bluehost is provided for your guidance.

In order to enjoy the benefits of various features of this hosting platform you will have to start with signup the hosting account with Bluehost. You can use your hosting account as a powerful tool to build and manage a website on this hosting platform along with managing web applications and emails etc. You can use your hosting account to transfer your website and domain name to this host. You can use FTP, set up and access your email accounts, build your own website and manage your password by using your hosting account with Bluehost.

Choosing a suitable hosting plan

You can initiate Bluehost transfer of website and domain only after hosing a suitable hosting plan. The requirements of your website develop with the passage of time. Various types of web hosting plans are offered by Bluehost to meet up your needs. A shared hosting may not be suitable for you if you need extra RAM or space to run intense processes on the server. You should assess your needs on the basis of the features needed by your websites you want to host through this platform. The hosting services offered by Bluehost include shared hosting, pro-web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting from which you can choose as per your requirements.

1) Transferring your website to Bluehost

The first step of transferring your website and running it on Bluehost is to Bluehost transfer your domain name by changing domain DNS. Moreover you can also register new a domain with Blue host if you do not have it already otherwise you can get your existing domain transferred to it. During the domain transfer process you need not transfer the registration of your domain to the registrar of Bluehost. You can host any domain name to Bluehost only by contacting your existing registrar and directing the domain names servers to Bluehost. The registration of your domain will not be transferred to Bluehost automatically by pointing name server to it. It may take 24 to 48 hours the change the updates across worldwide DNS resolvers, after you have made these changes about pointing the domain name servers to Bluehost.

2) Step-by-step transfer of domain registration to Bluehost

  • During the domain transfer process first of all you should contact the current registrar to get your domain unlocked and authorization or EPP code.
  • The information provided by you to Bluehost should be correct as they verify the code to your email address listed with them. You should also turn off your privacy code before this step otherwise it will not work.
  • Now you should login to cPanel of Bluehost and click on Domain Manager to select the domain of your choice to transfer.
  • Now click on the link Transfer this domain to your account appearing on the right of the domain and provide EPP code, after reading the information, and click on Continue.
  • They will then send a second verification code to the administrator of your email address. If your information is correct then you will be able to get this information.
  • Now enter the second verification code and click on Continue.
  • Now you will have to select the options required by you for your name servers including Contact Information, Auto-renewal, agree to Terms of Service and Privacy.
  • After clicking on Add transfer to Shopping Cart the domain transfer process will be complete.

3) Transferring the contents of the website to Bluehost

In order to Bluehost transfer your website they offer website transfer service to migrate up to 20 email accounts and 5 websites from a single hosting account with the previous hosting company. You can make this transaction easily for just $99.99. To get more information about transferring your website yourself and upload files to server you will have to read out certain articles available on the helpdesk of Bluehost including CuteFTP Settings, Transferring files via FileZilla, Fetch (Mac) FTP Settings, and Suggested FTP Clients etc.

Bluehost domain feature includes subdomain, addon domain and parked domain

In case you will like to host your website with Bluehost, then you are very lucky. The company allows several useful features in their domain services. After you decide to go for Bluehost domain services, you will be able to access more features which you can hardly access in other hosting companies. Their price for the domains is also very low; they have different plans such as starter, which goes at $3.95. The plus plan which goes at $6.95 per month and the business pro plan which starts at $14.95. All the domain plans have their own features which make then stand out. Bluehost has made it possible for people to manage, update, track, administer and purchase domain names easily. Before you decide on Bluehost domain, you should first take your time and asses the advantages that you will enjoy after you decide to go for the company. In case you will like to have services such as parked domains, you will easily find them at the company. In case you do not have a web hosting account, you can still benefit from the domain parking services of the company. This is a move that has been taken by the company to ensure they are able to meet the needs of different people who will like to access services from them. Here are the three packages offered by Bluehost domain services:

  1. Starter plan
    In this plan, Bluehost has offered offers such as 1 website hosting services among other services such as 100 GB of website space. In case you will not like to have a lot of website space, for example when hosting a website that will not have a lot of content. The plan is very economical for you. In the starter plan you will be allowed to have 1 included domain, 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains. In case you will like to have a website that has less than 25 sub domains, this will be the best plan for you to go for.
  2. Plus plan
    In the plus plan offered by Bluehost, you will be allowed to host unlimited websites. In case you will like to start several websites at ago, this is the best plan for you to go for. Other features of the plan include one included domain and unlimited parked domains. In order to take advantage of Bluehost domain services, you should first take your time and asses the requirements of your web design services. In case you will like to have several parked domains, then you should go for the plus plan. For the case of sub domains, the plan will allow you to have unlimited sub domains. This is a great deal considering you will only pay for all the domains for just $6.95 per month. Other interesting features of the plan include unlimited email storage. In case you will like to start a website where you will use email marketing for you to get in touch with your readers, then you will find the plan very useful. There are also no restrictions on the website space; you will enjoy uploading content without restrictions.
  3. Pro plan
    In the business pro plan you will enjoy a lot of Bluehost domain services. For instance, you will have one included domain and unlimited parked domains. This is the best plan for you to pick in case you are plan to have a website that will require a lot of parked domains. In order to take advantage of the plan, you should first carry out some form of assessment for you to know the total number of parked domains that you will require. In case you will require several, then you should pay for the plan at Bluehost. There are also unlimited sub domains offered under the business plus plan. For those who will like to have unlimited number of sub domains, this will really help them. Other services that make the business plus package different from other packages include 2 spam expert services and Domain privacy services. In case you will like to have privacy services when hosting your website, you can go for the plan for you to have your domain packed with privacy services. Site back up pro services are also among the services that you will enjoy under the plan.

Choose the most suitable web hosting plan for your website need for now and for the future.

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Bluehost Ecommerce review with Opencart, Oscommerce and Magento

Bluehost is one of the most comprehensive and efficient Ecommerce hosting sites to have come up over the last decade. With a wide range of products to facilitate Ecommerce websites, Bluehost is certainly both budget friendly and work efficient. In this article we take a look at some of the top features that the Hosting website has that has made it one of the most popular choices among entrepreneurs.

Top Features of Bluehost

In this section we look at why one must consider opting for the various features that Bluehost promises. In addition to the budget factor that has been mentioned above, this site also provides some stellar features that are suited to increase the work efficiency of Ecommerce sites.

For anyone looking to open an online store, or Ecommerce website, looking for a compatible web hosting service agency is crucial. Bluehost provides its users with a comprehensive and all inclusive web hosting plan that involves:

  • OS Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Agora Shopping Cart
  • Cube Cart Shopping Cart
  • Zen Cart Shopping Cart
  • OpenCart
  • Magento

What these services do is that they allow the user to save the money for paying for a license. The basic procedure is simple. A simple one click installation allows the site to access your needs and install the aforementioned features individually. Needless to say, the installation depends on the choice of plans, but the average cost of hosting these features is around $5 per month. As far as web hosting solutions go, this is by far one of the most cost and work effective plan that is available today.

Additional Benefits

One of the other reasons, online business owners should consider utilising the features offered by Bluehost is because solutions such as Cube Cart and Zen Cart ensure that one does not have to deal with the hassle of monthly payments. This means that unless someone needs extra technical support, the one time installation payment is the only financial transaction that is needed. Furthermore, the Cube Cart feature also supplies the online store with additional offers and opportunities such as gift certificates and a mobile optimized store front. All in all, it is not only budgeting friendly but also provides an array of additional features with minimal financial hassles.


Bluehost offers a secure SSL server that is essential for online stores. The price is nominal at around $50 per year. One can also update the plan to a pro version or a dedicated SSL server version. In addition to the variety of servers, Bluehost also ensures that the users receive the benefits of password protected directories. In both cases the services of Bluehost are cost effective and a good long time strategy.

Multiple Hosting Features

Among the other reasons that one should consider using Bluehost as a provider of web hosting solutions is that it provides a number of extra features. These are:

  • Free Generated Certificates- This is important as certificates are not only essential for legal purposes but are also a hassle when it comes to procuring them. Bluehost handles this pathway in an efficient and user-friendly way that is beneficial for all.
  • Unlimited domains for faster speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth to ensure that there is greater performance and a more productive methodology of increasing web traffic
  • Open PGP/ GPG Encryption for faster working speed and higher performance.

Technical Support

The final reason users must consider Bluehost as an option for Web Hosting Solutions is because they have a 24/7 technical support program. This ensures that any real time problems incurred while running the online store is effectively dealt with right then and there to avoid a pile up of damages.

In addition to all of the features mentioned above, Bluehost Ecommerce also offers a 30 day money back guarantee in case the features do not yield the benefits as promised. With a solid work ethic in place, this is definitely a worthwhile investment to consider.

Final Thought

Bluehost Ecommerce hosting solutions is one of the most user friendly sites especially when it comes to small time business owners. Since the site offers solutions that are largely budget friendly, those with small businesses and online stores can derive great benefits from working with the website. Furthermore, the additional benefits of regular features such as Zen Cart and Cube Cart are a good working solution for all.

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Bluehost vs. Dreamhost vs. Webhostingbuzz: which is the most popular webmaster choice?

The most effective types of web site hosting service offer options that are adaptable for different kinds of organizational structures. These service providers are capable of low cost yet adaptive hosting plans to business of all sizes and kinds. Expert web hosting companies additionally offer services that are affordable for individual, individuals who need space for data along with web connectivity for the private usage of web applications.

An expected customer must understand some facets of services and processes so that when confronted with the selection, they’ve sufficient data to use as a basis. Here are some essential things that anyone who would like to use web hosting services must strive to learn.

1) Bluehost

This really is just another excellent hosting, service business that’s well known, popular, and offers low cost, quality services that are excellent. It needs to ensure customer service is fulfilled, and also supplies endless hosting packages. One matter, they look especially involved in is with nonprofit organizations and instruction. They’ve plans where they have special offers for non-profit groups, and additionally for students, professors to control web hosting for them. Most likely, they would like to establish connections with them and create a community that is good with these groups (and above all, to generate income in the long run!). So these are other ways they like develop good relationships with these particular groups and to reach out to them.

Bluehost has reasonably low costs that’ll help individuals conserve money in the long term, though the page is lower than the pricing. Beginner host costs start as low as $3.49/month, but come with a few limits (i.e. Just one site). That is why their most famous bundle starts at 5.95/month with endless attributes. In addition to this popular bundle, you can get up to $200 of marketing offers too. This could range between free credits on Facebook promotion on Google, and other offers to enlarge company services. Similar to iPage, Bluehost additionally features an anytime money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you would like to quit using their services later on, you can get all your cash back in the event you are not fulfilled.

From time to time, the hosting service of Bluehost might not be fast, as well as their CPU utilization is restricted too. Customer care encounter is all right, I’d favor calling a representative instead of chat or e-mail (really slow), phone support is faster and even more efficient.

In addition, there are prices ($99) for migration services, whereas other web hosting companies supply migration free of charge.

2) Dreamhost

Dreamhost is just another web hosting service which has found some decline recently. It once enjoyed a strong reputation for the advanced control panel, great uptime and exceptional service that was infinite. Although users enjoy the control panel, uptime is a problem as well as their customer support is slow and impersonal. A beginner may well rather not enter the fray without dependable back-up, although this service may do the job for experienced users who understand the best way to solve issues for themselves.

Although a lot of other services offer a 30-day refund policy, Dreamhost offers a 97-day money-back guarantee. That gives you plenty of time to set up things before fully giving to a service agreement, and feel matters out. Should you choose that Dreamhost isn’t for you, simply component ways? On the flip side, if you choose to stay, you may have things set up.

Dreamhost offers 50 GB of back-up space that is free. They’ve a strict user understanding permit that prohibits you from streaming copyrighted content or from enabling visitors to get your server resources. In addition, this website hosting service might request that you cover a dedicated server in case your website becomes unwieldy. What exactly that means is not clear, nevertheless they’ve great reason – if your website causes difficulties for other users on the server, action will be taken by Dreamhost.

3) Webhostingbuzz

Web Hosting Buzz has a user intuitive web site including an entire support section featuring instruction manual, video tutorials, and fast access to customer support alternatives. This makes Webhostingbuzz worthy of your thought.

Webhostingbuzz is a fully-featured web hosting provider that offers everything from shared hosting to dedicated server to VPS hosting. This will enable your site to grow from a “pet project” to a completely scalable company. Below is our common hosting review of the supplier.

This business was established in 2002 when everything was overpriced to bring affordable web hosting options and service was exceptional. They now host more than 250,000 sites at 4 distinct data centers on over 250 servers. The’ center places are in Atlanta, Georgia USA, Dallas, Texas USA, Phoenix, Arizona USA, and NYC/NJ USA.

As the leader of carbon neutral (green) web hosting, Webhostingbuzz credits the in 2006. The continue to sponsor The Woodland Trust, a charity that targets reducing carbon amounts via tree planting schemes, they use servers that reduce power consumption by 27%, they recycle 70% of office waste, utilize energy conserving light and use Energy Star approved air conditioning within their facilities.

To know know more about Webhostingbuzz, visit our Webhostingbuzz demo and review site here.

We recommend Bluehost for the following 3 reasons:

  1. Bluehost offered a free domain name for life when you signed up for their web hosting package $3.95 / month).
  2. Bluehost offered free domain privacy registration.
  3. You can have an unlimited number of domains hosted on your Bluehost account. This was important to us because that way we could experiment with a lot of different blogs and each blog would have a different domain name.

With previous experience with Bluehost, Dreamhost and Webhostingbuzz, we really knows their pros and cons. Choosing Bluehost hosting for your website hosting need is surely a right decision to make.

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Bluehost dedicated server review – the hidden gems

Bluehost started its business as a web hosting company in 1996. Since then they have been offering the web hosting solutions for both businesses and individuals. This company is known as the best in providing Linux web hosting services. It has hosted more than 3 million websites all over the world till date. The review of Bluehost provided in this write-up will help you in understanding why it is considered industry’s best web hosting service provider.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Features:

  • Bluehost used the latest hardware to design very delicate Bluehost dedicated servers. They used Xenon processors along with other hardware parts including 4GB RAM, CentOS, 3 dedicated IPs and 2x500GB HDD.
  • Company provided control panels free of cost to its customers to make it easy for them to use its dedicated servers. They equipped these control panels with the best navigation menus and user-friendly GUI to help the users in managing their files, emails, domains and accounts along with lots of other things. The advanced features of the Bluehost dedicated server allowed webmasters to use its control panels to modify the error page, change .ht access, setup Cron jobs, login through shell access and log files on the server to increase their control on their web servers.
  • The web hosting solutions provided by Bluehost dedicated server are among the world’s best solutions with highest price value.

Bluehost dedicated servers 2015
Bluehost Dedicated Server Pricing

Bluehost has offered Bluehost dedicated servers at very affordable and cheap price packages along with promotional offers. Initially company allows you to avail the services of its dedicated server at about $75 for the first month and at about $150 per month thereafter. You can use your Visa, PayPal, American Express, Discover or Master Card to make the payments on the services of the dedicated server. If you are not satisfied with the services of the server the company promises to pay your money back.

Bluehost Dedicated Server’s Speed and Performance

If you look in to the infrastructure of Bluehost then you will see that the speed and uptime of the Bluehost dedicated server are determined by its data centers like any other company of this kind. A team of Linux engineers with over 15 years experience in web-hosting operate the dedicated servers of Bluehost. They are familiar with all of their service related issues and adopt steps given here under to increase the control, security and speed of their Centos Linux.

  • Improve the efficiency of file backups and writing
  • Enhanced performance of the MySQL database
  • Reduced the speed of website loading and downgrading effectively to allow its users to use the internet at fastest speed without facing any problem

In order to gain full control on its infrastructure Bluehost built its own 3 data-centers equipped with generators, UPS power and a number of 10 Gigabit connections at different locations all over the world. The Bluehost dedicated servers offer 99.9% uptime to their customers as they are faster than other normal web servers being equipped with 32 GB memory, RAID 5-disk, and 24 Opteron processors.

Bluehost Dedicated Server’s Customer Support

While talking about customer support offered by Bluehost you will find that company does not compromise on helping the users of Bluehost dedicated server. They offer 24/7 full support to their customers, on the basis of their responsive and active support team so that they can resolve their server related problems easily. You can contact with their in-house support engineers anytime through phone call, email and even through chat as all of them are based in US. After all, good after sale customer support differentiate a great company from good companies and as far as customer support of Bluehost is concerned, it is one of the best in the industry.

Is Bluehost Dedicated Server Upgrade Worth It?

They start offering this since 2013 and priced below one hundred dollars for starting. There are three dedicated plans and two of it are priced at below $100 dollars per month. Basic configuration is with dual core processor and with 4 gigabytes RAM that is sufficient for most large scale website. It uses high performance dual core Intel Xeon processor and many other high spec hardware. In the software, they use CentOS 64-bits operating system offering the highest reliability. And it includes 4 gigabytes memory, 500 gigabytes hard disk drive and 3 dedicated IP too. This is a stealth configuration for any dedicated server plan. Anyone look forward for their first private server will definitely find this more than sufficient.

As introductory offer, this Bluehost dedicated server promotion is now offering with 50% initial discount. New user signup today can get this high spec server for $74.99 only. Its valid for first one month and following month renewal will be at regular pricing. There is no Bluehost renewal coupon available either. Paying almost $150 per month for private server is not affordable by most customers. For customers that demand a lower pricing and nearly the same performance, we would recommend the latest VPS plans that start from $30 per month.


After reading the Bluehost dedicated server review provided in this write-up it has become obvious that it can highly be recommended for the beginners. These dedicated servers, offered at the most affordable price in the industry, have made the company stand among the industry’s best web hosting companies. So if you are searching for an effective web hosting company to manage your small scale business website or blogs then Bluehost dedicated servers can be the best option for you as it can provide ultimate control and security in website performance. In order to get more information about the company and its dedicated servers you can call at company’s toll-free number, send email or visit their website.

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